Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. Aluminium wall formwork, commonly known as MIVAN technology is an excellent . 4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. Monolithic Concrete Construction Technology with Aluminum Form Work – CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGY MIVAN SHUTTERING CONSTRUCTION.

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These aluminum alloy slabs are accurately made and are easy to handle. Structure idealization is based on following considerations. Today, more than 30, sqm of aluminium framework from Mivan construction technology Co. Negligible maintenance – Strong built up of concrete needs no maintenance. The height of the floors is 3.

This concrete takes the mivan construction technology and shape of the cast reaching nuke and corners of the form works easywhich is later removed to make way for a structure made entirely of cement concrete supported by wall reinforcing members.

The aluminum forms can be reused at least times, resulting in minimum waste from the construction site.

Monolithic Structure Construction | Fast-Track mass construction of Houses

Since there are lesser number of joints, the building mivan construction technology reduced leakages, hence requiring negligible maintenance. Dimension Cover Remarks 1 Slab mm 25mm 2 Beam mm 40mm to links 3 Column mm 40mm to links 4 Footings 50mm Minimum depth of foundation 2.

On the structural mivan construction technology, the technology makes the buildings more seismic-resistant and durable. M S Rathore December 29, The new generation of developers are giving the required momentum to these new technologies and in turn conztruction the much needed global shape to the construction industry. It remains to be seen if this technology works in the construction industry considering indigenous technologies are promoted off late.


Monolithic Construction Technology

Self compacting concrete SCC of suitable grade as per mix design and structural requirements will be used for concreting. Layout Dimensions as per the Architectural drawings are considered.

Moreover, the technology gives the scope to take out more carpet area in comparison to conventional techniques. Some mvian the mivan construction technology reasons for this existing gap are the requirement of large projects consisting of nivan volumes in order to make this technology cost-effective.

Overhead RCC domestic tank and fire fighting overhead tanks are can be proposed at the center of the block depending upon the requirements. SBC of soil as per soil reportsto mivan construction technology for design of foundation.

As a result, it saves time, effort and money. The walls and slabs may show some cracks owing to shrinkage, however, they can be avoided by mivan construction technology control strips in the structure or by reducing the heat of hydration by using fly ash. Walls are designed as shear walls using limit state method as per the standard design equations given in IS and IS This in turn results in these properties being unattainable to many.

Site selection and planning requires connectivity to infrastructure and public transport network. Share this on WhatsApp. Mivan Shuttering is a fast-paced construction technique which offers strength and durability to a building by use of Aluminum Mivan construction technology System.


There are a number of buildings in Mumbai that are being constructed with the help of the Mivan system, that has proven economical as well as satisfactory for the overall Indian construction mivan construction technology.

Free flow of concrete is maintained to be mm minimum,during the pour, to ensure the proper flow and compaction. Subhadra Badauria July 24, A factor of 1.

Technology innovations in real estate: Narendra Kharkhanis, Pashmina Builders – The Economic Times

In this type of construction, cast—in—situ concrete walls and floor slabs cast constructikn the structural system in one continuous pour. You may also like. Many other advantages of Mivan technology are as follows. These strong and sturdy forms are fabricated with accuracy and are easy to handle. Integral and smooth finishing of wall and slab- Smooth finish of aluminium can be seen vividly on walls. Uniform mivan construction technology of construction vii. Wall Panel de-shuttering works after minimum 16 hours of continues curing and check on mivan construction technology strength.

Mivan Shuttering is the solution to this. We want construct flats of 14 storyed. By Shradha Goyal September 17,